Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How I missed out on my dream car, again.

Everyday, I search Ebay for my Puma AM-4. Mine is red with a tan interior. There was such an AM-4 for sale on Ebay last year for many months. The seller, an exotic car dealer, wanted too much for the thing. So, it kept being reposted but always with a reserve price far out of my financial grasp. I languished for months, watching and hoping that the reserve would be lowered to within reach. Eventually, the car was sold outside of Ebay and vanished.

Ordinarily, I am not a wanty person. Just ask the people who know me. They will tell you that I wear my clothes until they fall off (a discomfort to those around me), that I drive cars that were built (and probably should have been retired) in decades past and that my house is a quaint fixer. For whatever reason, the Puma AM-4 enflames that appetitive part of me. It makes me feel.

Yesterday, like everyday, I searched Ebay for my Puma AM-4. I expected to see no trace of it, but, there it was in all its delicious grandeur. The same car I watched all summer was back up for sale. Apparently, the owner was shedding it due to limited garage space. This didn't seem right. Was there something wrong with the car? I checked his Ebay feedback log and found that he had recently bought a $39,000 Lotus. Also, in the background of the Puma photos he posted was a Nissan 350Z. Further, he had another auction pending for a Fiat X1/9. Indeed, he was all full-up on sports cars.

With lustful heart pounding, I could not help but think that this might be the time. However, as soon as I was ready to flash my bid card it was again gone. The owner ended the auction several days early and sold the car to the current high bidder for the puny sum of $4550. How could this be? And so, with head hung low I write these words. What dreams may come may very well go even if you are ready to grab them.

This story, though, is not over and someday I will have my Puma.

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Philip said...

Your Puma is up for sale yet again-- and with a higher price than ever. I too almost bought this car.