Sunday, June 24, 2007

Show Season

Summer is here and it is time to dust off all those cherry rides that have been tucked away in barns and garages since last September. With the salt and snow now gone, the Subarus and Blazers must relinquish their rule of the asphalt to the summer cars. Inevitably, there are car shows, cruise nights and impromptu drag races. Yesterday, I saw a women in a Ferrari checking her acceleration against an old dude in a blue '69 Camaro. It was an even race. I suspect the Camaro was not stock, especially since it was sporting a large hood scoop emblazoned with chromed letters that read 'LT-1'. Oh, how I love summer.
Anyway, here are some photo excerpts from the small, in-town auto show that I went to this morning.

As you can see this show, though small, had a variety of classics including a dowdy Dodge Aspen Wagon, numerous old Chevies, a Buick Roadmaster and much more. As for the show stopper this year, it was the BMW Isetta pictured below. This little bubble-car, powered by a 250cc four-stroke engine, caught everyone's eye. Note the baffled dude (center right) rubbing his chin as he ponders what it would be like to merge on I-89.

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