Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rear-Engined VW returns!

Volkswagen has announced the return of the affordable rear-engined compact. The all new City Expert is to be revealed, albeit as a concept car, at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) in Frankfurt, GM which runs from September 13 through September 23. Volkswagen is being very secretive about the potential new model and has not released many details nor any photos or conceptual drawings of the City Expert. What Volkswagen did say about it was "the heart of this sensationally flexible City Expert will beat where the flat-four "Boxer" engine once did in the Beetle."

I am edgy with anticipation. It has been a long time since Volkswagen has impressed me with any of its new models. And so, I am ready to be wooed. However, scorned before when the New Beetle was reveal to be nothing more than a re-skinned Golf, I am hesitant and filled with questions. Will this mark the return of the flat-four or is it to be a trendy diesel, green hybrid or, perhaps even, a hydrogen powerplant (doubtful, I know)? What wheels will be driven, front, rear or all? Where will the gas tank be located, that is, if it has a gas tank? How many passengers? Is the City Expert to be a two-seater or a family car? Will it have room to carry groceries and a kiddie seat? And, most importantly, will it be available on our shores, or, is this just to be another of those Europe only models?

Now I know that Volkswagen is being all hushed about this new concept in order to create hype and excitement, but this time I'm going to allow myself to get caught up in it.

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