Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Earlier this year a sheet-metal carcinoma infected the driver's-side fender of the beloved family truckster. Imprudently, I watched this tumor slowly grow through the spring and summer. Had I acted sooner, I may have been able to halt the growth at a more manageable stage. Now, this engorged mass of oxidized metal-rot is threatening to metastasize.

Fortunately, I can replace the fender with one that I just purchased from Volkswagen/Audi of America. And, thanks to Ron (my paint-gun wielding friend), the color will be a perfect match.

No need for a biopsy here. The obvious cause of this metal rot was the lack of paint on the inside of the fender - looks like Franz der Automaler was chugging the ole Rothaus. This, coupled with the moister-trapping, foam support mounted above the driver's wheel well lead to some nasty decay. To avoid a resurgence of this problem, I removed the foam and Ron painted the back of the new fender. P.S. Better photos to come.

The surgery was a success AND the patient lived. Now that I have an inflated sense of self, I think I'll grab a drill and welder and try my hand at home dentistry. Now, where's Johnny C. I think he needs to look more like everyone's favorite, metal-mouthed Bond henchman: Jaws.

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