Monday, July 21, 2008

My Puma is back on where did I leave that pile of cash?

If ever there was a perfect marriage of form and function this Puma AM-4 - with its minimalist, Wolfsburg-designed mechanicals (which are alluring in their own sort of sterile, German techno-fetish way) and abounding Brazilian curves - must be "it" - or at least as close to "it" as I will ever know. But, alas, I will not know for this zaftig beauty is out of reach. It seems my plight to never be in the financial position (read as "have spousal permission") to own such an exotic - it is said that there were only 14 Am-4s ever built - leaving me to, instead, spend my days lusting after the unobtainable.

As the reader recalls, the Puma AM-4 is my dream car. I shall enumerate its finer points: (1) rust-proof fiberglass body (this feature is of considerable importance in the North) (2) rear-mounted, water-cooled 1.8 liter VW engine driving the rear wheels (3) favorable power to weight ratio (4) sporting interior replete with Recaro sport seats, racing steering wheel and a full-compliment of gauges (5) oh, and did I mention that it's a drop top?

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