Sunday, July 20, 2008

Waterfest 14 . . . alas, I am unable to attend.

Every July for fourteen years, Volkswagen and Audi aficionados have been converging upon New Jersey for a weekend of undiluted, cop-baiting volks-mania. Attending Waterfest, if only once, is at the top of most enthusiast's checklist. Though, like me, if you go "only once" you may be smitten by the experience so much that you'll never miss another - even at the cost of snubbing family members who may have made the poor choice of wedding or dying the very same weekend as North America's largest VW/Audi Car Show and Motorsport event. With more than 2500 participants, gads of vendors with new and used performance goodies and thousands upon thousands of Volks-driven lunatics on hand, what dead relative could find fault with me for missing their funeral.

So then, why did I skip this year's fest? Well, with a new-born son at home, Waterfest was just not on this Summer’s agenda. In fact, as I write this, I am rocking little Owen and making those goofy baby-appeasing noises that you once enjoyed - maybe your mother still makes them for you.

I'd like to say that missing this year's festivities doesn't bother me, but it does - terribly. In fact, I cried myself to sleep last night - well, not really - but I was wicked bummed. Alas, the situation is what it is. So, for the sake of consolation, I’ve told myself that I’ll have twice the fun at next year’s Waterfest and that maybe - instead of just being a spectator - I’ll bring something to show. Duh, I’d better get to work, I’ve only got a year to prepare.

Update: Just to prove that I am serious about bringing something to show, I offer up this picture of the intake manifold and throttle body that I've been busy cleaning this afternoon. By the way, this is for the Inari Silver '80 Jetta.

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