Sunday, October 25, 2009

Covered Bridges of Franklin County: Part 2

author Unknown

"What stories could these bridges tell
If they could only talk?
They'd tell us of the ones who rode
And those who had to walk,
The rich, the poor....those in-between
Who used their planks to cross,
The soldiers, farmers, businessmen
In buggies, sleighs, by "hoss",
Like sentinels these bridges stand
In spite of flood and fire,
Their rugged, stalwart strength remains
Our future to inspire."

This is the Black Creek Bridge in East Fairfield, Vermont. Located off of Route 36, this Queen-Post bridge, with a span of 68 ft, was renovated over the last three years. Some of the original timbers from 1865 were re-used , but most of the material is new. Previous to the renovation, this bridge had fallen into disrepair and, subsequently, was closed to traffic for some twenty plus years.


Colin said...

Like an old wooden ship, not much of the original wood is left. I don’t think we have a single covered bridge here in Western Canada, but there are quite a few in Eastern Canada.

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